127 Worldwide - Youth;Evangelism;Poverty

Resource Needs 1. Wipes/Hand sanitizer for the office 2. 2 black & white printers
Funding Needs - specifics $15,000 will help us purchase food for our partners in Kenya, Uganda, and Guatemala for continued Covid relief.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Our local ministry partners and their communities. The virus is affecting the third world in a much different way than in the west. Closed schools and businesses mean no daily income which provides daily food. 2. Pray that we can shift from emergency relief work to development, long term work smoothly. We spend most of our time focused on prevention and being proactive. Our desire is to get back there quickly.
Core Services 1. Empowering local leaders in Kenya, Uganda, and Guatemala to care for the vulnerable in their communities. 2. Empowering Westerners to tangibly live out James 1:27 in ways that promote independence and sustainability. 3. Educating and discipling people to be able to better work together.
Services on hold 1. Upcoming international mobilization teams to visit our partner ministries 2. In-person education, training
Best way to get up-to-date info Sara Beth Fentress 678.778.1355 sarabeth@127worldwide.org
Volunteer Opportunities Making phone calls, writing notes, gathering donations, populating educational calls
Staffing Mobilizing teams is a key component to our administrative fees budget. We have a crisis plan for reducing staff hours as needed but are hopeful that we will not need to take extreme action.
Date Updated September 3, 2020

 Camp Oak Hill - Youth;Evangelism

Resource Needs 1. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2386Z2HUV8Z58/ref=hz_ls_biz_ex
Funding Needs - specifics Contact Kim Patterson, as the situation is assessed weekly due to the ever changing environment and the question: will summer camp and fall retreats be able to take place?
Key Prayer Requests 1. Pray for the Lord's very best plan for COH 2. Pray for God's provision for staff and organization 3. Pray that joy will overflow and be glorifying to Jesus no matter what!
Core Services 1. Summer Camp 2. Retreats
Services on hold 1. Summer Camp 2. Retreats
Best way to get up-to-date info Kim Patterson, Executive Director, kpatterson@campoakhill.org
Volunteer Opportunities On site work with weed eating, grass cutting, and pool maintenance
Staffing All FT staff (9 employees) are currenty compensated at 50% or less.
Date Updated June 26, 2020

 Center for Christianity and Scholarship - Evangelism

Resource Needs 1. Supplies to reopen safely - e.g., masks, hand sanitizer, dissinfectant wipes for students and staff, gloves for staff, cleaning supplies for the ministry house 2. Supplies to bring house projects to completion - e.g., paint and brushes 3. Treats of normalcy - as we serve students, we want to remind them of joy in a very different college season. Treats and meals are welcome to students at the ministry house!
Funding Needs - specifics Our budget is staff intensive (3 full-time staff; 8 student house staff during academic year) - every dollar we raise creates more time for ministry to students and faculty.
Key Prayer Requests 1. For wisdom and clarity in how to minister to Duke's campus amid a very abnormal upcoming academic year. 2. For continued focus to minister to students and faculty in a season of separation and isolation 3. For rich community to happen in creative ways inspired by the Lord
Core Services 1. Christian courses for Duke students 2. Teaching and writing trainings for Christian faculty 3. Christian Lectures to promote Christian thinking at Duke University
Services on hold 1. CCS house study hours 2. Large, in-person lecture events 3. In-Person Courses
Best way to get up-to-date info Edward Dixon edward@christianityandscholarship.org Bethany Doster bethany@christianityandscholarship.org 919-294-9728 (office) www.christianityandscholarship.org
Volunteer Opportunities Write an old-fashioned, handwritten letter to a student. They love receiving mail at home! House projects - Can you paint? Are you handy? Join us this summer for a project!
Staffing We are not reducing staff, but we are not able to hire a new staff position for this upcoming year.
Date Updated May 30, 2020

 CORRAL Riding Academy - Disaster Relief;Children/Youth

Resource Needs 1. Phase 1 safety needs for staff/girls: hand soap, thermometers, plastic spray bottles, cotton balls 2. Gas and grocery gift cards for our families who are having a difficult time getting basic needs met during this crisis
Funding Needs - specifics Due to COVID-19, we had to cancel our annual Derby Dinner fundraiser, which is leaving our fundraising in a $150K deficit for the fiscal year. We cannot hide the fact that our work is even harder and things are getting worse. Over the past 45 days we've seen a spike in unsafe behaviors, use of illegal substances, food insecurity, breakdowns, and other factors threatening their lives. We need our community at this time.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Pray for our girls during this time. Without school, they are more likely to get involved in risky behaviors and many are struggling being home all day with their families. 2. Pray for our staff. That we would be able to work effectively with our girls and their families and that we would have wisdom for how to navigate the challenges that come up.
Core Services 1. Join the Herd- 12 week group therapy program 2. Riding Academy- academic-year long program 3. Virtual COVID-19 services to girls and their families on a weekly basis: 20+ hours of virtual tutoring, 10+ hours of group and individual therapy, 14+ hours of family support
Services on hold 1. Join the Herd- 12 week group therapy program- since it is group therapy it is not safe for us to hold this program currently 2. Riding Academy- we are still running the Riding Academy, but have had to make everything virtual
Best way to get up-to-date info Website: corralriding.org Community Relations Manager: Jennifer Brown- jennifer@corralriding.org
Volunteer Opportunities Volunteer opportunities to write notes to our girls during this difficult time, as well as other administrative needs. Learn more about volunteering at CORRAL at https://corralriding.org/take-action/volunteer/
Staffing N/A
Date Updated May 14, 2020

 Feed My Lambs - Disaster Relief;Life Transformation/Work/Housing

Resource Needs 1. Food. 2. Essential items (i.e. hygiene, diapers, adult undergarments, school supplies, etc.) 3. Bibles.
Funding Needs - specifics We need $56K to pay the salaries of our 6 workers. The majority of our funds are designated. To support our rapid growth, we need additional funding to hire more workers.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Prayer for God's provision for Feed My Lambs staff and organization 2. Prayer for guidance and wisdom 3. Prayer for financial provision
Core Services 1. Food 2. Essential items 3. Clothing/household items
Services on hold 1. N/A
Best way to get up-to-date info * Lisa Holt, Executive Director, 704-695-1820 * Email: feedmylambs99@gmail.com * Website: feedmylambsnc.com
Volunteer Opportunities Need warehouse volunteers to load and unload trucks, sort food, prepare food buggies, sort and bag essential items, assist clients. Need retail and office help.
Staffing We had to relocate operations to the back and outside of our facility to comply with social distancing. Staff members are working extended hours to meet the needs of our clients.
Date Updated February 19, 2021

 Gateway Women's Care - Disaster Relief;Addiction

Resource Needs 1. Medical grade gloves, latex free. These are in high demand so they are more difficult to obtain. 2. Hand Sanitizers 3. Face Masks
Funding Needs - specifics Gateway is looking to expand and needs the funds to do so in 2021.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Wisdom and safety for our nurses and staff as they pre-screen clients. 2. Many women are choosing abortion out of fear right now - pray that this crisis will open opportunities for the gospel and opportunities to create hope. 3. Pray for those mothers of ours who are giving birth during this current crisis.
Core Services 1. Pregnancy Options Counseling - primarily abortion determined women 2. Medical services, resources and referrals 3. Pregnancy Support - resources, referrals, individual client plans
Services on hold 1. HIV/STI testing with health dept 2. Post-abortion care groups 3. Serving under reduced capacity - no volunteers, only staff
Best way to get up-to-date info Wendy Bonano, Executive Director wendy@gatewaywomens.careWebsite - www.gatewaywomens.care
Volunteer Opportunities In need of male and female client advocates to equip and empower our clients to choose life for their unborn babies.
Staffing Raleigh Center has not seen significant staff reduction except for a couple of part-time staff who have chosen to stay home. Durham staff are operating at slightly reduced capacity.
Date Updated October 27, 2020

 Global Hope India - Disaster Relief;Evangelism

Resource Needs 1. Funds for groceries for sex workers (mostly trafficked) in Mumbai & their children (globalhopeindia.org/red-light-district) 2. Funds toward COVID-19 relief efforts all over India (globalhopeindia.org/corona) 3. Funds for orphanages that are not currently receiving Indian support or volunteers (globalhopeindia.org/child-development)
Funding Needs - specifics The Red Light District of Mumbai is closed (praise God!), but that leaves the women involved without income and unable to feed their children. $25 = 1 Month of Groceries.
Key Prayer Requests 1. The Red Light District in Mumbai to remain closed, sex trafficking to end. Restoration to take place. Healing. 2. Justice for the poor and vulnerable in India 3. For God to expose the need and that the staff/BOD of GHI would have the wisdom to navigate sharing needs and victories effectively in these times.
Core Services 1. Sending People on Short-Term Mission Trips to India 2. Sharing Resources in India provided by "stateside" Fundraising Efforts 3. Training Gospel Workers in the US and in India
Services on hold 1. Sending People (current travel bans) 2. Clean Water Project construction is on hold during quarantine 3. Stateside Events (fundraisers/spring banquet)
Best way to get up-to-date info Kourtney White, Operations & Teams Manager office: 919.438.2444 email: kourtney@globalhopeindia.org
Volunteer Opportunities Championing need on social media platforms. Collecting resources for COVID-19 relief in India.
Staffing All staff are working remotely.
Date Updated July 28, 2020

 Hope + Vine - Life Transformation/Work/Housing

Resource Needs 1. Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer to be used for the studio workspace. 2. Additional employment opportunities for the young women we serve.
Funding Needs - specifics $11,050 will allow us to employ another artisan. We do not hire an artisan unless we know we can pay her for a year, even if we do not sell anything. This is how we have been able to continue employment through this time. We are losing about $2500 in revenue each month due to COVID.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Mental and emotional well-being of the women we serve.
Core Services 1. Employment and mentoring for young women who have aged out of foster care through our social enterprise: Hope Vine. 2. Access to needed baby and home items, as our women navigate life without stable family support. 3. Community support group to process through struggles resulting from aging out foster care.
Services on hold 1. None
Best way to get up-to-date info Rachael Smith, Executive Director, rachael@ohlordhelp.us
Volunteer Opportunities Cutting fabric for Hope and Vine items. Donating beads, jewelry supplies, denim. Donating baby and household items. Interacting on social media.
Staffing Staff and artisans are currently maintaining normal hours.
Date Updated October 28, 2020

 Hope Reins - Disaster Relief;Children/Youth

Resource Needs 1. Water bottles, popsicles (not freezer) and individually wrapped snacks 2. Art supplies (crayons, markers, coloring books)
Funding Needs - specifics Support for our virtual event (replacing our live fundraising luncheon 4/30). Giving towards this event to make-up for short fall and fulfill a generous $25K matching gift opportunity. Funding to support our operations and virtual sessions.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Prayers for our kids and families who were already in crisis and cannot come to their safe place at ranch 2. For funding to continue in the midst of this crisis 3. We recently had to put down one of our most beloved horses Twinkle due to health issues. Prayers for our whole community especially kids who are heartbroken and grieving
Core Services 1. Free, 1-1, sessions for a child in crisis with a mentor and rescued horse to help them find hope and healing 2. Bloom and Build; 3-1 mentorship with trained mentors and child or teen experiencing similar trauma 3. Group sessions with kids/teens we serve, as well as key strategic partners such as Refugee Hope, Boys and Girls Club, Raleigh Rescue, Community Hope, etc.
Services on hold 1. All face to face services at the ranch are on hold; however, we are providing customized video sessions with a mentor and horse for each of our 140 kids/teens 2. Summer Camp 3. Bloom/Build and Group Programs
Best way to get up-to-date info Kim Tschirret, Founder & CEO; kim@hopereins.org 919-345-4914
Volunteer Opportunities The ranch is closed and we currently don't have any volunteers participating in activities. Current volunteers are working with their child/teen "virtually" and we do ask for people to join our prayer team.
Staffing Reduced and re-forecasted our budget to conserve cash at this critical time. And therefore we had to layoff 3 staff members.
Date Updated May 31, 2020

 House of Hope of NC - Youth;Men/Women/Marriage

Resource Needs 1. Matching Grant 2. Meals and groceries
Funding Needs - specifics We have a matching grant right now. We have a donor who wants to see HOH continue to be sustainable and have dependable and predictable income. They are giving us $100 for each NEW monthly donor over $20 that we receive between now and Oct 31st.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Pray for our staff. We are feeling the both/and. We are grateful for our jobs and to be able to keep serving our clients and we are also feeling weary and need encouragement. 2. Pray for our clients as they experience added stress and anxiety during this time. 3. Pray for wisdom for the board and staff leadership.
Core Services 1. Therapeutic Home and School 2. Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling 3. Parenting Classes
Services on hold 1. We are considered essential and running
Best way to get up-to-date info Anna Jongkind, Development Coordinator anna@houseofhopeofnc.org 919-550-8181 x204 www.houseofhopeofnc.org https://www.facebook.com/houseofhopeofnc
Volunteer Opportunities Our biggest needs are meal and grocery delivery. We also need a couple of new school volunteers during the week between 9 and noon.
Staffing We have several key volunteers who help in the school and home on a regular basis and we are doing things without them at the moment. The staff is just adjusting schedules and duties as needed.
Date Updated October 26, 2020

 Invisible Girl Project - Children/Youth

Resource Needs 1. Letters to girls in India, teaching them their inherent value. We are always looking for more letters for our sweet rescued girls.
Funding Needs - specifics $10,000 provides resources in India to make and distribute 35,000 masks to Dalit (lowest caste) communities. $11,000 also gives essential food rations to 1000 families in the lowest castes, who are suffering and unable to work because of the Covid crisis. Providing masks and food helps IGP educate the public on the mission and aids IGP in identifying vulnerable girls at risk of being killed or trafficked.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Pray for the girls IGP WILL rescue. God knows them already by name. These girls at higher risk because they are considered expendable, particularly when families are suffering. 2. Pray for our staff in India and their families as well as our Indian partners to stay healthy and safe. In three months there has been a 200% increase in violence against females in India. 3. Pray for all our girls that we have already rescued to be safe and stay healthy.
Core Services 1. Rescue girls in India from female gendercide. 2. Intervene to ensure the public justice system enforces its laws and protects girls' lives. 3. Care & Empowerment--meet girls' core needs, while providing education and opportunity to be change agents within their culture.
Services on hold 1. Sending girls to school--due to Covid-19, all schools in India are closed, so our rescued girls are not able to get an education right now. 2. Our safehomes are limited in providing care and counseling now as they have limited capacity due to Covid-19. The government is trying to keep girls in their family units.
Best way to get up-to-date info Jill McElya or Samantha Anderson at: info@invisiblegirlproject.org; https://invisiblegirlproject.org; Facebook. invisiblegirlproject; Instagram invisiblegirlproject; Twitter nvisiblegirlprj
Volunteer Opportunities IGP is looking for people interested in providing administrative support--emailing, writing letters, coordinating volunteer efforts. We also are interested in anyone who has graphic design experience to help us design some key materials.
Staffing We are on a hiring freeze to ensure we will be in a good place financially after this crisis. We planned to hire two more employees, but are not doing so as of 3/15. We have cut non-essential expenses in our US operations.
Date Updated May 13, 2020

 JourneyMates - Addiction

Resource Needs 1. Venues for fall events
Funding Needs - specifics Continued provision amidst COVID-19 realities to support ongoing staff and operational expenses.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Prayer for encouragement, safety, health and well-being of JM staff, volunteers and participants 2. Faithful registration for 2020-21 JM ministry opportunities in the midst of COVID-19 realities 3. Diligent prayer for wisdom, clarity and vision during uncertain times
Core Services 1. Spiritual Formation Communities 2. Soul Care Retreats 3. Spiritual Formation training and leadership
Services on hold 1. Soul Care Retreats due to safety concerns 2. Soul Care training events due to safety concerns
Best way to get up-to-date info triangle.journeymates@gmail.com, 919-741-1970, journeymates.org
Volunteer Opportunities Volunteers are making plans for JourneyMates 2020-21 ministry year in the midst of COVID-19 health restrictions.
Staffing JourneyMates staff continue to minister and adjust to COVID-19 related limitations, virtual programming, meetings and interactions.
Date Updated May 14, 2020

 Leadership Edge, Inc. - Education

Resource Needs 1. N/A
Funding Needs - specifics We are starting a campaign to raise a total additional $410,000 over the next four years to expand our services.
Key Prayer Requests 1. For the successful development and launch of our mentoring hub 2. For successful fundraising efforts in the coming months 3. For wisdom in determining the appropriate partnering model with like-hearted organizations
Core Services 1. Mentor Training 2. Mentoring 3. Leadership Development
Services on hold 1. Live Mentor Training due to COVID Restrictions 2. Speaking Engagements locally, nationally and internationally
Best way to get up-to-date info Todd Melby - tmelby@lead-edge.com
Volunteer Opportunities Need for volunteers to serve by producing our podcast and redeveloping our website.
Staffing N/A
Date Updated November 17, 2020

 Mount Jubilee Ministries - Special Needs

Resource Needs 1. N/A
Funding Needs - specifics Increased donations and covid relief funding to offset lost revenue due to shutdowns.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Prayers that our programs would resume for our participants as they are struggling being away from the programming 2. Prayers for staff and board hearts to stay centered on Christ
Core Services 1. His Path Developmental Day Program 2. Camp Jubilee 3. Touch Point Seminars to educate special needs families
Services on hold 1. His Path (due to COVID concerns)
Best way to get up-to-date info Email the executive director Cecil Cottrell at mountjubileeministries@gmail.com or our administrative assistant at vmckinneymjm@gmail.com
Volunteer Opportunities Camp counselors, His Path Support volunteers
Staffing One staff as needed and another has been furloughed.
Date Updated February 23, 2021

 NeighborHealth Center - Addiction

Resource Needs 1. Masks, gloves, sanitizing wipes
Funding Needs - specifics $35,000 per month gap between reduced revenue and cost to continue operation
Key Prayer Requests 1. Protection from contamination 2. Encouragement for overworked staff and those on furlough 3. Wisdom to navigate all the funding sources and request what is helpful.
Core Services 1. Primary medical care for men and women 2. Pre-natal/OB medical care 3. Pediatric medical care
Services on hold 1. No ultrasounds and reduced referrals to other services 2. No counseling services for uninsured or low-income patients
Best way to get up-to-date info George Derbyshire, CFO and Community connections m 919-630-0011 gderbyshire@neighborhealthcenter.org
Volunteer Opportunities 1 - People to reach out to our elderly patients who are feeling abandoned 2 - Medical assistants or nurses to provide down time for our staff
Staffing 1. Furloughed 40% of staff 2. People working from home and unable to be at the clinic
Date Updated April 15, 2020

 People Launching - Education

Resource Needs N/A
Funding Needs - specifics We're presently running a cohort of missionaries that need to pivot their ministries. One of them wants to translate all of our training into Spanish and be trained in doing what we do to help launch other nonprofits, church plants and missionaries in central America. This is a $30,000 project.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Prayer for financial provision 2. Prayer for money to scholarship new nonprofits. 3. Prayer for encouragement and boldness of our staff
Core Services 1. Coaching/cohorts of leaders to launch new Christ-centered nonprofits and church plants 2. Spiritual formation and character development 3. Consulting on best practices
Services on hold 1. Retreats for cohorts
Best way to get up-to-date info Email the Executive Director, John Fooshee at john@peoplelaunching.com
Volunteer Opportunities We're trying to re-launch a cohort of new nonprofits that work with the under-resourced in Raleigh. We need people to pray for these leaders and provide hospitality for our group meetings.
Staffing The staff is still in place and hard at work but our cash reserves are low.
Date Updated October 28, 2020

 Promised Land Living - Education

Resource Needs None
Funding Needs - specifics We have not been able to execute our anticipated fundraising plans. Despite the financial setback, we feel a spiritual mandate to help people cope during COVID19. We would welcome a conversation with you should you wish to explore supporting our vision in 2020 during this unusual situation.
Key Prayer Requests 1. For those who need encouragement and equipping to join us in our free workshops. 2. For online connectivity to remain stable - as we are a virtual ministry. 3. For the PLL Team - we are working overtime to fulfill needs - pray for our continued unity.
Core Services 1. Promised Land Living Core Course 2. Promised Land Living Lite 3. Free Events
Services on hold None
Best way to get up-to-date info Winnona Swayze, winnona@promisedlandliving.com, 919-275-0573
Volunteer Opportunities None
Staffing None
Date Updated May 13, 2020

 Raleigh Dream Center - Disaster Relief;Life Transformation/Work/Housing;Children/Youth

Resource Needs 1. Non-perishable food for our food warehouse 2. Masks/gloves/sanitizing products 3. Donations to keep free food going to all communities in need
Funding Needs - specifics We increased our payroll to 3 temporary part-time staff to handle COVID-19 relief and launched a paid summer internship of 10 interns.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Prayer for encouragement and safety for our staff, interns and volunteers 2. Prayer for the peace and hope of Christ for the communities we serve 3. Prayer for Board of Directors and Executive Staff for the Lord's wisdom and guidance.
Core Services 1. Adopt-A-Block Program - free grocery delivery, prayer and relationship building in under-resourced communities in Wake County 2. COVID-19 Meal Program - free student lunches every weekday in 20 under-resourced communities 3. KidzJam
Services on hold 1. KidzJam and Summer Reading Programs (due to safety concerns)
Best way to get up-to-date info Candace Porras + candace@raleighdreamcenter.org + Administration Director + 919-272-6751 + https://raleighdreamcenter.org
Volunteer Opportunities Need volunteers for weekday Mobile Food Pantry distribution, Adopt-A-Blocks on 2nd & 4th Saturdays, and weekdays in our Food Warehouse. You can easily sign up on our website!
Staffing Summer intern program added to help with the amount of meal sites needed all over Wake County.
Date Updated October 24, 2020

 Raleigh Rescue Mission - Disaster Relief;Life Transformation/Work/Housing

Resource Needs 1. Donations of household items for Thrift Store sales - Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses, Decor 2. Attorneys for DMV cases to help clients get their drivers license 3. Assistance with purchase of cars for clients who are working
Funding Needs - specifics Funding for increased operational costs due to expanded care for clients, technology upgrades for virtual learning and counseling.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Health, security and encouragement of clients and staff 2. Continued employment for those in vulnerable positions 3. Cars and housing for clients to be able to leave the Mission
Core Services 1. End generational poverty for children 2. Prepare, train and provide access to employment 3. Provide stable housing, move toward self-sufficiency and build wealth for long-term success
Services on hold none
Best way to get up-to-date info John Luckett, CEO johnl@raleighrescue.org
Volunteer Opportunities Organize a food/essential items drive and bring the collections to the Mission. Organize a virtual fundraiser.
Staffing Hiring has been frozen so we cannot fill some needed positions.
Date Updated June 9, 2020

 Refugee Hope Partners - Evangelism;Refugee/Immigrants

Resource Needs 1. Volunteers for Fall Homework Help 2. Funding for fall programs - adjusted for online learning support 3. Prayer ministry
Funding Needs - specifics We are seeking funds to assist refugee families in both short-term and long-term recovery (tutoring, job search, etc). This a critical time as people are returning to work.
Key Prayer Requests 1. Equipping the refugee community for online learning 2. Protection from fear and anxiety in our community 3. That we would draw closer to God during this time
Core Services 1. Homework Help (kindergarten through college) 2. ESL Classes 3. Bible Studies
Services on hold 1. None
Best way to get up-to-date info www.refugeehopepartners.org Contact Michele Suffridge at michele@refugeehopepartners.org or 919 632 0691
Volunteer Opportunities (1) Homework Help Volunteer: Starting August 17, 2020 (2) Online Support: Monday-Thursday, 8:30a - 12:30p (3) K-8 Homework Help: 12:30p - 6:30p (4) 9th grade-college Homework Help: 6:30p - 9:30p
Staffing Currently no staffing reductions
Date Updated September 2, 2020

 RiverCross - Disaster Relief;Children/Youth;Education

Resource Needs 1. As our ministry is a training and broadcast ministry, our needs are for funding. 2. Funding for an online platform to continue equipping leaders who will protect the vulnerable and traumatized. 3. Funding for airtime so that we can broadcast our audio dramas into Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.
Funding Needs - specifics Launch a child protection broadcast program to a potential listening audience of 5.1 million in Lusaka Zambia in partnership with World Vision. Cost of this launch - $15,000
Key Prayer Requests 1. Please pray for children who are home and in abusive situations due to coronavirus. 2. Pray for African governments to be wise in establishing the structures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 3. Pray for RiverCross African leaders caring for orphans and vulnerable children.
Core Services 1. Equip local leaders to protect and restore vulnerable/traumatized children 2. Broadcast our radio dramas to bring about community transformation 3. Raise awareness of the impact of trauma on the lives of orphans and vulnerable children and inspire advocacy.
Services on hold 1. In-person training of church and ministry leaders 2. In-person coaching of RiverCross facilitators 3. Travel to training sites
Best way to get up-to-date info Cindy Finleycfinley@rivercrossglobal.org 919-980-0553 rivercrossglobal.org
Volunteer Opportunities Need volunteers to assist with communication needs - social media, website refresh, video editing and creation. Need volunteers to host house parties once NC guidelines allow. Need volunteers to pilot online offerings.
Staffing Both FT employees may decrease hours if funding for the ministry does not sustain FT employment
Date Updated July 6, 2020

 Samaritan Health Center - Addiction

Resource Needs 1. large soap refills 2. non-latex gloves (especially small and medium)
Funding Needs - specifics Our in person events this year have converted to virtual gatherings. End of year giving is key to help us meet an active challenge match.
Key Prayer Requests 1. health, stamina, and faith for our staff 2. encouragement and vision for our Board 3. God's mercy and provision, in all areas, for our longtime and first-time patients
Core Services 1. Medical Care 2. Vision Care 3. Limited Dental Care
Services on hold 1. Dental: renovations are underway to address air flow and physical distancing requirements. We expect to open on a very limited basis by the end of 2020. 2. Our volunteer opportunities have changed significantly : Many providers and nurses are coming onsite; interpreters are serving by phone; other volunteers are on leave.
Best way to get up-to-date info website: https://www.samaritanhealthcenter.org social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn phone: 919-407-8226
Volunteer Opportunities note writers to encourage our staff, and to reach out to volunteers and patients who are sheltering in place, skilled phone interpreters in Spanish
Staffing Pre-COVID we had about 300 volunteers annually. With the increase of telehealth, volunteers' family and health needs, and physical distancing, volunteer numbers are down.
Date Updated October 27, 2020

 Ship Community Outreach - Disaster Relief;Life Transformation/Work/Housing

Resource Needs 1. Non perishable food for Galley Grocery.
Funding Needs - specifics Funding to keep Galley Grocery’s shelves stocked during COVID-19 (goal of 10k.) Executive Director funding needed to ensure continued growth and success (goal: 75k)
Key Prayer Requests 1. Prayer for Chris and Jacqueline Jones (founders) as they mourn the loss of Jacqueline’s sister to COVID-19. 2. Prayers for unity, wisdom and guidance from the Spirit as we work with Mission Triangle to review our strategic plan and operations with the goal of strengthening the health of Ship Outreach. 3. Prayers for the community in SE Raleigh as they struggle to stay safe and healthy, endure unemployment and isolation, for racial equality and justice and reliance on God.
Core Services 1. Galley Grocery: a nonprofit grocery store located on Bragg Street in SE Raleigh, formerly a food desert. Provides low cost healthy food and a community gathering place. 2. Bread of Life: provides boxes of groceries at community outreaches across Wake County and to partner organizations. 3. Ship Yard: a free workout facility encouraging health and confidence for youth and adults in SE Raleigh
Services on hold 1. TEI employment development classes for safety of students and instructors due to COVID-19. 2. We are doing drive through outreaches until COVID-19 restrictions of large gatherings lift.
Best way to get up-to-date info www.shipoutreach.org
Volunteer Opportunities We will need volunteers at Community Day when we go to live vs. drive through. We need volunteers to run food drives for Galley Grocery. We also need more truck drivers on a weekly basis.
Staffing We have maintained all of our staff at Galley Grocery and Bread of Life throughout the crisis.
Date Updated October 27, 2020